So Close To Magic

We are the generation of nostalgia, and it’s no wonder why that is. We’ve lived through so many incredible technological advances in our lifetime alone. It was only in 1990 that the online world started taking on a more recognizable form, and now we’ve got self-driving tech and artificial intelligence that can beat a human less than 3 decades later.

I find myself, as I think most people do, nostalgic even for times that I haven’t lived. Even as I’m surrounded by all these electronic devices and making use of them (at this very moment, in fact!). It’s a strange world we live in. It’s a strange, strange world indeed.

Here we have Aquilo, whose soft, calm electronic instrumentals accompany words of yearning — a happy marriage of both.

This place feels just the same
Old and forgotten
This frozen sound

So close to home.

Happy listening,


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