Wildfire Pt. 2

Frank Ocean is known to have a pretty idiosyncratic music style. I can’t say I’m too well-versed in his work, but he’s quite the poet from what I do know.

John Mayer once said in an interview that Pt.2 came before Pt. 1. He was featured on Ocean’s album before and thought it would be cool to feature Ocean in his as well. Hence, Ocean was invited — he went into the booth and recorded this song, and Mayer had liked it so much that he wrote Wildfire based on this idea. Is there anything more lovely than an artist inspiring another?

Only a nascent trying to harness huge fire
Out on the beach in the darkness starting bonfire
So gorgeous, a man might cry

Burning trees in the basement start a cool fire
Feel my heartbeat racing, baby you’re on fire
So gorgeous, a man might cry

Back in Paris you told me you were suicidal
It’s not a vacation if I lose you to the Eiffel
You’re gorgeous but you can’t fly

A hidden admirer sent me roses white as fire
We took our handfuls it was war, flower fighter

The lyrics in its entirety for your pleasure.

Happy listening,


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